Flounce Pencil Skirt

Hey Gal Pals,🎀

A simple pencil skirt with a self drafted flounce to add to the bottom wound up being my choice.  So I was in a pink mood when I was thinking about this skirt.  Basically my whole wardrobe and color of life consist of neutrals like navy, denim, grey, black & white.  When I want to get a little crazy or wild, I’ll aways lean towards a bright pink.  I guess its the inner girlie in me that’s bursting to come out.

So I did a Joann Fabrics run cruisin’ down the aisles looking for something that I just can’t find at my local fabric store.  All of a sudden my eyes were beamed to this hot pink laser cut eyelet pleather. 👀  Of coarse, I didn’t know what I was going to do out of it but I knew I had to have it.    My “dress up” girlie tendencies don’t come around to often, never the less when it does make an appearance, I still stay true to me.  It must be comfortable at all times.  Comfort doesn’t have to be frumpy, I believe that my comfort is beautiful whether all dolled up on a date or rollin’ with my kids to the park.

Simply That!!!









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