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So I love my plus size fashion bloggers.  They are body confident women keeping up with the latest trends and look “bueno” doing it.  My fav has to be Beauticurve’s Rochelle.  So I was on her website and saw she posted this color block coat (via TORRID).  I simply loved how effortless and easy it was, so I decided to give it a try with some wool I picked up at my fav fabric store in Queens.  Thanks to my “Titi” (as us Puerto Ricans call our aunts) for her pattern haul stash, I was able to use a simple jacket pattern that was easy enough to customize.  Being that Brooklyn’s winter weather tends to fluctuate from cold to hot, I decided to make it a transitional coat with no closure so it could worn with some layered pieces to run errands or wear over my all black to dinner.

So here’s how I made it mine:

  • Pattern:
Butterick 3254
  • Fabric: camel wool, grey soft wool
  • Alterations: eliminated the collar, cut the pattern 5″ below the natural waist, inserted pocket 8″x10″ into the waist seam.

🌟Shout Out🌟

Thanks to my friends @serrotneelia (modeling) & @tailori (makeup/creative director) for helping me out for some of these shoots.

Simply Bueno!!

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